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The dancefloor is back to it's usual greatness and The Marc E Marcs are flowing like the salmon of Capistrano and it's party time!  But these are our extra special parties where you get to dress up and be even more cheesey with us!  Woohoo!
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Halloween 2022 Party

Our favourite party of the year AND it falls on the eve of Australia's favourite race!   Prizes for best dressed!  Win a $50 drink card!

When: Mon 31st October 2022 - Melbourne Cup Eve
Doors Open 9:30pm to around 5am-ish
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Melbourne Cup Long Weekend 2022

We are open Friday, Saturday and Monday (Halloween Party) and we are gonna rock this long weekend like there's no tomorrow!  


Fri 28th, Sat 29th & Mon 31st October 2022

Doors Open 9:30pm till you can't dance anymore!

Revs Hawaiian Shirt Party Wix Photo.jpg
Welcome Summer Hawaian Shirt Party

Dress in your favourite Hawaian Shirt and let's welcome in the summer together., with Marc E Marcs and great music!

Saturday December 10th 2022
Doors Open 9:30pm to around 5am-ish
Revs Xmas Party 2019 Wix.jpg
Our End Of The Year Xmas Party

This is our last night of the year before we close doors for the Xmas and New Year Holidays.  We re-open on Friday 20th January 2023.  Help us say good bye to a rollercoaster-of-a-year and welcome Santa Claus and all the love that this time of year brings.  Merry Xmas, The Crew XXX


Sat 24th December 2022

Doors Open 9:30pm till you can't dance anymore!