We are open...again!  We can't dance but we can drink, sing and meet people.  It's better than sitting on your sofa watching the TV!    We are going to have the greatest sing-a-long EVER! Pre-book before 10:30pm or walk-Ins welcome.  Limited seating, so get in early!  
This Weekend!

Due to Covid restrictions we have to bring "Social Sit-Dancing " is back.  So buckle up and get ready for the greatest sing-a-long of all time.  Limited numbers so pre-book or come in early early. {just click on the photo}


Fri 2nd July & Sat 3rd July

Revs 16th BDay 80s Night Wix Biz.jpg
Happy 16th Birthday Revellers Bar!

We didn't get to celebrate our 15th birthday so we need to rock the $#!t out of this year's party!!  Dress up in 80's fashion and let's dance to the greatest songs ever!!!  Prize for best costumes.  We'll be making 80s drinks too! Mmmm


Thurs April 1st.  Doors Open 9:30pm till 5am-ish.

Queens BDay Google 2019.jpg
The Queen's Birthday Longweekend

Drinking Marc-E-Marc's and dancing to your favourite retro tunes?  What more do you need?  An extra night of it!  Woohoo!  Thanks Queenie pooh.


June 12th, 13th & 14th.   Doors open 9:30pm till 5am-ish

Revs ReOpen 4 FB Freedom Sessions wix.jpg
The Freedom Sessions
Stay tuned for event updates as Covid restriction ease.  

Until further notice...