We love a good party at Revellers Bar, especially if it's a costume party!  So get dressed up and we'll make sure you have a ball. 
Australia Day Long Weekend

Three nights of awesome partying!  DJ Marc-E-Marc playing the greatest party tunes of all time...all night long!  Heaps of Aussie party classics. 

What more do you need?  How about free entry and 1/2 price drinks before 11pm?  Ok...done!


Fri 24th, Sat 25th & Sun 26th January 2020. Doors open 9.30pm to 7am-ish.

Valentine's Day 80s Neon Party

Valentine's Day is a day for showing the person you love...blah blah blahhh!! Get your 80s glow gear on & get "LIT" at Revellers Bar.  Who knows, you might meet the love of your life or you might just get to party with awesome peeps! Happy hour  - 1/2 price drinks from 9.30pm till 11pm.


Friday 14th February.  Doors open 9.30pm till 7am-ish.

Labour Day Long Weekend

The Revs crew & Dj Marc-E-Marc are gonna rock your high-vis vests off all weekend!  Can you survive the weekend long party?  On Sunday night, get dressed up in a high-vis vest and a hard hat and let's get to work on our party. 

Free entry & 1/2 price drinks before 11pm.


Fri 6th, Sat 7th & Sun 8th March .  Doors open 9.30pm -7am-ish

The Revellers Bar 15th Birthday

Every year we celebrate our birthday with "The Rockstar Royalty" Party.  Dress up as your favourite rockstar to jump the cue and there's a $100 drink card for the best dressed.  Lot's of giveaways and drinks all night. Marc-EMarc will try to play a song by your favourite rockstar too!

Free entry & 1/2 price drinks before 11pm.


Fri 3rd April.  Doors open 9.30pm - 7am-ish


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